I'm Juan Larrazabal,

Visual Artist

Songwriting Genius

Self-Taught Exorcist



+1 323-544-5850






I've Been making art ever since i was a Lil Slimeball. I started selling art on hollywood Boulevard since I was 12, where I learned how to draw quickly and utilize my skills as my most important survival technique. Around the same time, I Taught myself how to use music production software on Library computers with flash drives. in 2007, i started producing music as "KOOL SKULL", and Pushing the boundaries of what computers are capable of to make music has become my primary area of interest in the background of my Illustration Career.


I've gotten to do some awesome cfreative projects with a number of Notable collaboators including: Stan Lee, Mike Judge, Ariel Pink, Anthony Fantano, & others.


I currently work freelance on Cartoons, Comic books, Video Production, and as a General Consultant for all things Glitchy, Slimy, Extremely Kool, and Surprisingly Cheap in terms of Production Budget.






Ext. Link

Aron Fromm's

"Ovarian Cyst"

Character Designer,

Background Designer

2014- Present

Not yet Available

Mike Judge's

"Tales From the Tour Bus"

Background Designer


Stan Lee's

"Lucky Man: The Bracelet Chronicles"

Digital Illustrator

2016- 2017

Ariel Pink's "Dedicated to Bobby Jameson"


Synth Performer,

Production Consultant,

2016- 2017

Songshark, AI Music Software

Art Director,

Marketing Strategist

2015- Present

Outdated Site

ArtFX Murals

Patterning Assistant,

Pattern Artist


Not yet 


Universal Studios, Hollywood

Caricature Artist


Not Yet Available

Anthony Fantano's "The Needle Drop" 

Logo Design/ Brand Aesthetic Design/ Creative Consulting



I started making music with my brother, Emilio Larrazabal in 2005 when we started the band "The Interceptors". we Played at the Famous Whiskey A Go-Go, Numerous Punk House shows and 12 different Los Angeles Public Library Branches across LA.


in 2008, I was exposed to 8-bit Music by the great genius, Mdotstrange. I obsessed over writing electronic music with trackers on Gameboys, PSP's and other free software that worked on Library computers witha  flash drive.


in 2010, I released my first album, "Fresh Meat" on Beta-Mod records. the term "Chipthrash" was first used to describe my Aggressive approach to the chiptune world.


Instead of going to college, I decided to spend a few years Playing as much music as I could in as many different places as possible. I toured with my Gameboy, PSP and Laptop by way of Craigslist Rideashare, and One-Way Plane Tickets all over the country.



I currently make most of music with my iPad Pro and my homies. 


My goal is to soon make a videogame where you explore a surreal world and find my old albums (2010-2017) in piles of trash and collect them. this game is gonna be a big undertaking but I'm working on preproduction now. I'm building it in unity and I hope to have a VR test available by the end of 2018.


I released these four albums in January of 2018. It's a bunch of shit I made with my friends.


Stylistically, these albums range from Violent Breakcore to Chill Hip hop, Hypnotic Dream Pop, and alien spaceship soundscapes with a hint of bloody vomit.



gallery/chiptography eindbass 2012

Hiring Rates



Hire me for your next project! I can Draw anything you want,

much better than anyone else can.


Visual Art commissions start with a $75 advance for sketches and the rest upon completion. Pricing as follows:

  • $40 B&W Digitally Drawn Portrait of your Pet or loved one. 
  • $60 Color Digitally Drawn Portrait of your Pet or loved one. 
  • $150 B&W Digital Illustration or Logo Design
  • $250 Color Digital Illustration or Logo Design
  • $300 18"x24" Watercolor or Acrylic Painting
  • $300 up to 12" Marionette Puppet Sculpted and painted.




for $40/Hr, I will Produce music for you at my Studio in Los Angeles CA. Travel Expenses must be covered if you need me to travel with my mobile gear to make music with you.


I work really fast and I am experienced in many different styles of music & Techniques



  • Hip Hop (Boom Bap & Trap)
  • Thrash/Metal/Punk 
  • 4x4 Pop Dance
  • Oldie style ballads
  • slow hypnotic sex music
  • Lofi & Hifi Mastering techniques
  • Catchy choruses and Memorable concepts
  • Clean Crisp vocals ready for the Grammy's.


As a producer, I like to Facilitate whatever your ideas for how your music should sound, by getting the most dynamic, and textured sound possible that will ensure listeners drop their panties and say "Holy shit I Crapped my pants this is dope". 


my real Passion is to mesh as many styles together as possible to create sonically impressive albums that you can listen to over and over. I will make any album you're working on better if you think it needs any extra work to get across the finish line. 


Rest Assure, any type of album, whatever the style you're going for, I can help you make it feel finished and complete.  



of course all prices are negotiable, but Higher pricing ensures a quicker turnaround time.


gallery/screen shot 2018-02-10 at 4.27.42 pm 1



for just $30/Hr I can also Help you with Private Consulting if you're looking for Expert advice or Creative input regarding:


  • 8bit Music Production/Synthesis
  • Learning how to draw Dynamically
  • Pop Music Songwriting
  • Audio Mixing/Mastering
  • Production Workflow in Audio/Visual Environments
  • MEMORABLE Character/Aesthetic Design for Cartoons and Brands


lets be honest, even the smartest people hit creative roadblocks. it can be extremely valuable to have another person to run things through with.


NO, i'm not gonna ask for Credtit or rights to whatever project I'm helping consult on, and I guarantee the utmost Professionalism when working on Highly secretive projects. 


I am available to travel as long as expenses are covered on top of the Hourly Rate.