I've been makin' music for a long time. in 2005, I started a band with my little brother called The Interceptors.

In 2008, i started making music as 'KOOL SKULL'.

because i didn't have a band behind me, i got the opportuinty to experiment with Gameboys, PSP's, and other unusual computers.

I've been able to help start the new musical genre "Chipthrash", a type of hardcore, aggressive 8-bit music.
it's been a lot of fun, and i'm known for extremely violent performances usually ending in moshpits, nudity, and bloody knees.
I've been injured and concussed a handful of times over my multitude of tours throughout the US.

over the last ten years, I've made more than 50 full-length albums, and I can't stop making music.
it's an addictive compulsion and I can't imagine doing anything else. visual art is alright, but music is really where my heart is at.

My latest album is available to purchase on bandcamp, and a handful of my albums are available on itunes and all over the internet,
but i've taken down the majority of my discography and put them into a vault so i can master them and re release them at a later time.