I am Hollywood Cowboy, the inter-dimensional host and narrator of this fictitious work of allegorical transmutation.

What is truth? What is fiction? I am personally not convinced that any of you readers have the slightest clue as to what the definitions of "true reality" are.

Althought what I am about to do may appear as a science fiction created by an eccentric artist, it is intended to be much more than that indeed. Numerous entities more accomplished, and heriarchically powerful than myself are guiding every word, image, and idea within this newfound mythology.

This planet is called "FubbX+FN". I'ts basically a trash planet forgottgen by the Intergalactic Fedaration and often overlooked by Lower-Dimensional bureaucratic corporations when surveying for any minerals or other resources.

Many years ago, I settled my own island on a pile of ancient ruins on FubbX+FN. The Island used to be a city called "Stardrain", and in even more ancient times, it was known as "Hollywood, California". When i found this Island, it was mostly lifeless except for a green intelligent ooze found alongside a similar, but more toxic and destructive, Purple Ooze. Both types of Ooze manifested in forms of amorpheous creatures that freely roamed and made up the islands themselves.